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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

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Firsts & Lasts

"To look at everything, always, as though you were seeing it either for the very first or for the very last time. Then is your time on earth filled with glory." -Marie Romely, A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

I've had a lot of firsts and lasts in my life lately. Too many, actually. 

But I was reminded of that when I was reading that book a few weeks ago. I do have to say that all of my firsts and lasts have been really fun. The fact that I'm leaving soon gives us a good excuse to celebrate.

The other night, until pretty late,  my musical sisters and I had a last jam session around the piano. But the best part is we recorded every song to put on a CD. That CD won't be sold on the racks of any stores, but it'll be a little piece of home to look back on, years down the road, for all of us.

This is my last beach day. Well, last beach day living in Florida. I'll be back next week on my honeymoon. But that won't be my last beach day single. It'll be my first, married. Or our first, married (which will be special cause that's where we got engaged, too!). This was one of the most beautiful beach days I've ever seen.

Last Panera date with just the four of us.

Last shopping trip with mum.

Last ice cream run with my girls.

Last blank wall left in my room.

First time packing up everything I own.

First time driving 1,060 miles to haul it all. 

First time decorating my own kitchen.

And many more firsts and lasts.

According to the quote, I must have a pretty glorious life right now. Eh, I'm only getting married and starting my brave, new adventure in 4 days... I guess my life is alright.

(To see a few more of my lasts, check out my hashtag #lastdayslivinginflorida on Instagram.)

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  1. Aww! Those are special memories. It was hard for me to leave my family and church family, but God sure knew what he was doing. I'm excited to see pictures of the wedding. It's hard to believe it's here already! Give your mom a big hug from me!



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