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Thursday, June 2, 2016

13 Things I'll Miss About Living in Florida

In 37 days, I'll leave the home I grew up in for a totally new one more than 1,000 miles away. 

I am getting more excited and more terrified as the seconds tick by.

Well not terrified, but it's still sad and a little overwhelming. Especially because I've recently tackled the beginnings of packing. And everything I own, which was so nicely organized or displayed somewhere in our big house, is being gradually stuffed into boxes in random order so that I can pack the most into the least amount of space. Later, it'll just be unpacked and somehow squeezed into a one bedroom apartment. It's a lot to deal with.

The fact that I won't ever live in my room again, or my house again, has been producing some pretty nostalgic feelings lately.

It's odd to imagine myself unpacking everything in a completely new place, and it's even harder to imagine how I'm going to fit everything into my new space (I should probably read more Marie Kondo, in between brainstorming wedding favors and writing a million bridal shower thank you cards).

That said, here are 13 things (among a thousand) that I'll miss about my SoFlo home.

Local Fruit

I know I can still get strawberries and blueberries and lemons and oranges in Pennsylvania, but they won't be grown by local farmers like the ones in Plant City, which they say is the Strawberry Capital of the World.

Green, all year round

But on the plus side, I'll see seasons. And before I turned 15, I probably didn't even know there was such thing as a tree that wasn't green.

Ice cream, all year round

Although I know I'll eat ice cream all year round up north too, down here I have more of an excuse to because of the heat. 

Flip flops, all year round

I'll not only look funny, but freeze to death if I keep wearing flip flops all year round. So better not try that.

Palm Trees

The beach, duh

The beaches on Lake Eerie hardly compare to our breathtaking gulf ones, but they'll have to do.

My Tan

Not looking forward to becoming a ghost.

The Local Newspapers

Writing for Focus and the Osprey has been such a good experience for me, and I'll miss having my name in their bylines.

Some of my favorite spots, including...

... Jeremiah's Italian Ice (but I've got Jeff hooked, so I know we'll stop by at least once every time we visit)
... Alderman Ford Park
... Bloomingdale Pizza (the mom & pop pizzeria I worked at for three years still holds charm to me)
... the Church & Parsonage
... Our Panera & Brandon Boardgamers (our Panera Bread is special because it's where the Brandon Board Gamers meet every Thursday night. Chuckling at them while we sip our soup and nibble our sandwiches always makes dinner so much more amusing.)

   (At Jeremiah's #restyourchin)

My room

The Great Black Piano

The one my mom learned on, and the one we refinished and repainted and tuned a million times. I'll have my own real piano, and that one's beautiful too, but it's not an upright and I won't be able to play it at ungodly hours of the night and morning without the others in the apartment complex getting annoyed. 

Our Jeep

This thing has taken us on several family road trips, and is a constant reminder that life is good, and girly too, at least at our house.

 Sunshine & My Sisters

But enough mourning my losses, I also still can't stop thinking about how amazing my new married life will be. My incredibly new adventure is about to begin so soon, and as it becomes sooner and sooner daily, I think I want to explode.


  1. This was so much fun to read, Andria! Thanks for the mention and link to Focus, too. Sounds like you are ready for your next chapter and many great adventures. Blessings on your wedding!!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Appreciate the well wishes!



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