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Friday, May 13, 2016

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When Creativity Meets Practicality

I have a huge problem. I am one of the most creative, and also one of the most practical people in the world.

Sometimes I will actually be in the middle of some project or creative endeavor, then stop right there, and wonder why I am even doing it. How is this going to be used? Why am I spending (wasting) all this time for something that's mostly purely just cute?

Does this really make things easier or more convenient, or is it just a bunch of fluff that will just turn out more annoying than enjoyable?

I know people like handmade gifts and all, and I like making them, but there is a major struggle in my mind sometimes when I actually give my well-thought-out, long-labored over gift to its recipient. Will they wonder what this is? Will they know what to do with it?

Maybe that's why I like making food so much, because it usually always gets put to good use?

But when I think about stuff like that, I also remember how much people love that kind of gift even more than an expensive one. (Good thing, cause I'm not exactly moneybags.) My dad always tells me how he loves the mini scrapbooks I make him sometimes, and personalized gifts just mean so much more than store-bought ones.

But I also like this quote:

"Stop minimizing what you are good at & throw yourself into it with no apologies."

Because more than once, I have actually wanted to apologize for not thinking more practically, at least to myself. Or, I've wanted to apologize for not doing better at what I'm good at.

Here are some of the projects I've done lately that make me wonder these things:

1- A Mother of the Bride Emergency Kit, inspired by this photo. I took a shoe box and filled it with a bunch of items that might be necessary on a wedding day, then gave it to my mom for Mother's Day. (Oh, and the least practical item I threw inside was also the one I was most proud of. Because what is more adorable than this?)

2- A mini journal (much like this one) for my fiance who's turning 25 on Monday. It was "31 Things We Should Remember When We're Married," and it just had a marriage related quote on each page (most from my Pinterest marriage board) with a little commentary from me afterwards.

3- A handwritten recipe book filled with "Recipes from Home," with things like mom's standby recipes in it, along with a bunch of dishes I've grown up eating that I want to remember forever.

4- A hand-drawn (but not quite exact) map of our hometown to go in my wedding invitations, so faraway guests can get an idea of where the wedding location will be in relation to my house, church, the tux rental shop and some of the major sights and attractions.

5- An extremely beautiful package I sent to my friend that had her wedding present inside, complete with stickers (that probably fell off in the mail) and lace paper doilys (which probably got ripped).

But when I look back at some of these projects, I'm actually pretty proud of them, even if they're not completely practical. And some of them are.

  So can we stop minimizing and apologizing and just throw ourselves in?

I think so.

Photo cred: @brepurposed


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