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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Yesterday, I was going through my mom's book of standby recipes, and I came across the Original Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. And then I remembered making that about a zillion times growing up, first with her help and then on my own.

In fact, chocolate chip cookies were probably the only thing I ever cooked or baked until probably my junior year of high school. And the recipe book they came from really started to fall apart. But that recipe is what made me fall in love with being in the kitchen.

I haven't made those cookies in at least a year, but seeing the recipe made me think about what makes me have a blast preparing food to this day. Here's what that is, and how to love cooking like I do.

1- Make a Mess. This is probably the number one best thing about being in the kitchen. It's not that I'm normally a messy person (my room is usually pristine), but I'm just an extremely clumsy person, and a rather haphazard cook. If I drop a strawberry on the ground (which I did Saturday while making Strawberry Biscuits), I leave it there to step on and squish later. When I open a drawer or cupboard to get something out, I don't bother closing it back again. If I accidentally sprinkle flour on the counter, I'll clean it up later. But that's what I love. I would get so bored of cleaning up every step of the way. It's much better and freer if you do what you need to do without worrying about whether you'll spill, or remembering to close a cupboard. Ain't nobody got time for that.

2- Clean Up Fast. But thankfully, I also make sure everything is thoroughly cleaned up before I leave the kitchen. And I can accomplish that pretty quickly. My mom has this (sometimes annoying) rule that no dishes can be left in the sink overnight, and I think that helps. It doesn't work to leave everything a mess (especially my kind of mess) for hours. The faster you get everything back to normal, the faster you can forget the mess was even there and just enjoy the fruits of it (the awesome food you just made).

3- Make Food Pretty. Presentation is big for me. The food I serve should look close to magazine worthy, even though it'll just be devoured soon after. When you make an effort to make food pretty by garnishing or whatever, even though it doesn't make much of a taste difference, you just feel so much better about yourself as a cook. You've made something not only delicious, but beautiful.

4- Make Food Creative. I was one of the first to jump on the cake pop bandwagon, and instead of buying myself a normal sized donut pan, I had to get a pan that makes mini donuts. I don't cook the same thing very often (except maybe pizza, duh), or I make little switches that transform dishes into something completely different. Preparing food is so much more fun when it's not always the same thing over and over again. And with the abundance of recipes online and in books, there's not really ever an excuse to be a boring cook.

5- Resources. And speaking of available recipes, another thing that makes cooking fun is where we get our inspiration to cook, whether from a cookbook or magazine or just plain Pinterest. Don't you just want to try baking every cupcake in the adorable 500 Cupcakes book? And suddenly, I have a new interest in baking pie and cobbler after perusing Sweeter off the Vine. Food and recipe bloggers are also so good at making food look amazing and easy to cook up. And even though your end result rarely looks like theirs, at least the anticipation that it will is inspiring.

Here are some of my favorite resources for recipes (but there's really too many in the world to count):

Mel's Kitchen Cafe
Baking A Moment
Laura in the Kitchen
Our Best Bites
Girl Versus Dough
Plain Chicken

Also, my mom is an amazing cook, and person all around. She can do anything. Shout out to her this Mother's Day week.

Also, to my dad, who ate almost every chocolate chip cookie I ever made (and still begs me to make more).

P.S. Check out Mom's Mashed Potatoes for a great recipe and yet another example of my disastrous chef style.


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