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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Lately, I've found out that I love signs with quotes on them. It's not surprising, but more than any other decor item, I'm totally drawn to these.

I found a cute one in Tuesday Morning that said "Happily Ever Afters can only be understood backwards, but they must be lived forwards."

It's true, though.

I also saw this sign at a wedding on Style Me Pretty, and I thought it was quite appropriate, so I went right into Word and made one for my own wedding. (Plus got a really cute vintage frame to display it in.) 

I'm probably not going to win any graphic design awards for it, but I also thought it would be a great sign to have around the house permanently. We now have it on our counter corner, bold and upturned as if glaring at anyone who dares to be salty. But I'm definitely keeping it to put in my own house later on.

I can picture myself pep-talking my kids with pointed finger when they're in grumpy moods and taking them over to this sign to read it.

But hey, we all need this reminder sometimes. The frowning part is a little more excusable, because there are definitely sad and stressful times in life. So I'm not saying we're never allowed to frown (oh wait, I guess I am), but the whining and complaining? No room for that around here. Life is good, and we have so much! Good things are happening and, no matter what stage in life, we're all so blessed!

So maybe you should download this free and put it in your own home, too. It might get you a few more happy faces.




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