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Monday, April 11, 2016

As you probably already know (because of this post and this post), I've totally jumped on the adult coloring book bandwagon recently.

I don't do it a whole lot, but on slower evenings, it's one of the best forms of entertainment ever (and probably more stimulating and relaxing than mindlessly scrolling through my phone when I have extra time).

In fact, I've been so into coloring that I listened to two podcasts on it recently (including The Crayola Crayon Story), both of which talked for almost an hour about the history of coloring and crayons, the psychology of why coloring has mental benefits, techniques and more.

I've definitely joined the hype. (So much for authenticity.)

But it's so much fun, so why not?

My mom always jokes that she doesn't think it's a stress reliever, because when she's stressed, all she wants to do is scribble furiously and destroy every picture. So maybe it's my calmer personality that works better with it. In other words, if you're feeling angry and like destroying things, maybe you should get a punching bag instead of a coloring book.

But the best coloring books are the ones with (how did you know I would say this) words to go along with them!

So here's a list of some of my favorite.

1. Mary Engelbreit's Color ME: This one is huge, and every page is thick and sturdy, not to mention adorable. Her illustrations always have the most clever sayings to go with them. She has calendars, cards and other items, too.

2. Simple Blessings Scriptures and Inspirations (by Karla Dornacher Designs): The picture above is one of my favorites from this book, but there's all kinds of cute, mostly scriptural, designs.

3. Beauty in the Bible, Volumes I and II (by Paige Tate): I don't have these, but I follow the author on Instagram where she posts a lot of her pages. They're so sweet!

4. Creative Haven's Owl Coloring Book: Not all of these have quotes or words, but they're really cute. This brand has a lot of other uniquely-themed coloring books, too, like Seascapes and Desserts. But this owl one is just so us.

5. "Today is Going to be a Great Day" Adult Inspirational Coloring Book (by Christian Art Publishers): I like that this one also has gift tags, notecards and bookmarks to color in the back.

6. Whatever is Lovely Adult Coloring Book for Reflection and Worship (by WaterBrook Press): Words from hymns, scriptures and inspirational writers are on every page of this one, which is a collaboration of different illustrators.

There's so many others out there, too. This fad is ridiculously popular, but even when the rest of the world stops loving it, I for one will not.


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