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Monday, March 14, 2016

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What I'm Most Excited About

The other day, when I was showing my grandmother a picture of a flower bouquet with my wedding colors, she said I had very "definite taste."

That same day, one of my bridesmaids got her dress in the mail and tried it on. Her brother and sister's immediate response when they saw it was "that is definitely an Andria dress."

Another friend told me the same day that she saw a dress while shopping that was "totally me."

I guess my grandmother was right?

But it made me curious about how people come to these conclusions about what's "me." Is it what I wear or what my room looks like or how I carry myself? It's just interesting. 

And what even is a definite style? Does that mean some people have a taste that's obvious while others keep theirs hidden?

I don't know, but one thing I do know is that I'm so excited to display my "definite taste" in my own house very soon. (Probably even more excited than I am to get married?) I've collected several things already (lamps, signs, tables, etc.), but right now it's all populating my mom's house (which looks very tasteful at the moment but I can't speak for how it'll look once I leave.)

Even if we're just moving into an apartment which will probably be small and very unpaintable, that's fine. I think I just need an outlet to take all of this "definite taste" out in. One that's bigger than my 8 by 10" bedroom. 

When I was making Jeff''s Valentine's Day present a few weeks ago, I told him that I was working on a "secret project." We laughed about that because he said that he could see me telling him that one day when he's at work after we're married. He could also see himself wondering what the house would look like when he got home.

He also asked me what I was most excited about (concerning our future together), and I said that I would be so happy to have my (our) own space to clean and cook and decorate and just be in. Not my mom's or anyone else's. Ours. 

As if it weren't the worst timing in the world, the other day I basically got a full time job offer as an "internal press consultant" where I would travel to conferences and report live. That offer would have seemed ideal to me a few years ago, but now I'd much rather accept my upcoming job as an "internal homemaking consultant" instead. 

Just bring me a gingham apron and a feathery dust mop. How's that for good taste? 

Photo cred: Sally Clarkson

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  1. Being a homemaker is the best job in the world and I'm proud of you for accepting the position! :)



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