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Thursday, March 3, 2016

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From Last March

I recently started a monthly tradition of going back at the beginning of every month to the pictures I took in the same month of the previous year. So here are a few from March of last year. 

Even though I was in my last semester, it seems crazy that I was still in school because it feels like forever since I graduated. It also seems like forever since my first trip to PA- who knew I would be planning my move there a year later.

But it doesn't seem like long since that especially windy beach trip when I came home with sand on every quarter inch of me, or since the time when I had to have a vase of fresh flowers in my room constantly. Probably because I still do. 

Some things never change.

March 2015 included...

Ice cream signs in quaint ice cream shops (one that I need to get to put in my own house because it fits me and Jeff perfectly) / no one to sit by / when you don't want a sunburn at the beach / mindless doodles in history class / tulips (which I need to start buying again cause it's that time of year and they're my favorite) / St. Patrick's Day pizza (disgusting yet festive) / what happens when we clean out our winter clothes / St. Patrick's Day dessert- this was amazing and super easy / a spontaneous airport tea party (This little girl was waiting for her flight with her mom, when she suddenly plopped down, opened her barbie suitcase, and arranged tiny teacups and plastic food around her stuffed animals and dogs- I seriously wanted to sit down and join her because I would have done the exact same thing.)

What's the same and what's different about your life since this time last year? And if your scarf and beanie collection has gotten any larger, be sure to try them all on at once.


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