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Thursday, March 24, 2016

It's so consoling knowing that I always have some good listening material on my phone. Audiobooks are my favorite, and I've found some good podcasts recently, too. And even though I feel like a nerd, I listen to both way too often. Which is why I need something to do while listening to them. That way, I feel more productive and maybe a little less nerdy too.

So these are some things I mostly always do while listening to either a podcast or an audiobook. I've found that you need mindless activities to do while you listen, otherwise you'll be too distracted. Plus, hearing a story in your ears while you work on any of the things below makes them a little more fun and appealing.

1. Get ready in the morning. 
I'm a morning person, but I look forward to getting going in the mornings even more when I know I have something to listen to. What could be more boring and mindless than brushing your teeth and making your bed? Podcasts are especially good for this since they usually only last 30-45 minutes.

2. Rewind before bed.
Sometimes, especially when it's been a crazy day and I've been running constantly up until I finally collapse on the bed, it's nice to lay there for awhile and listen to something to wind down.

3. Exercise.
Whatever makes working out or running more fun, I'm down for.

4. Bake or cook or work in the kitchen.
The best times are when I'm hustling around the kitchen with my earbuds in getting stuff done while hearing a great story. It also somehow makes a huge pile of dirty dishes seem inviting?

5. Clean (not with a vacuum though).
This may be why vacuuming is one of my least favorite chores on the planet.

6. Color or paint or draw.
Coloring and listening to a book is one of my favorite things to do ever. Neither of the two activities require much brain power and it's so relaxing!

7. Shop online.
You know, for flower girl dresses, grooms suits, things to add to your wedding registry. There's been a lot of online shopping in my life lately.

8. Roam around.
Last month, I had a long airport layover, so it's a good thing I had an audiobook. But I got tired of sitting around the airport, so I casually roamed around every airport shop that was remotely close to my gate while I listened to my book. It was kinda fun.

9. Sit on a plane.
And speaking of airports and travel, there couldn't be a more perfect time to listen to a book than while eating a tiny pack of pretzels and trying to avoid conversation with the weirdo sitting next to you on the plane.

10. Drive.
Traffic is definitely less stressful and annoying when you have a book.

11. Sit on the beach.
My Florida heart had to include this one. Looking forward to doing this a lot this summer.

I feel a pile of laundry calling my name. Actually, I got my audible credit today, so I have a new book to listen to.

Am I obsessed, or do you make excuses like that too?


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