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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

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6 Cutest Ever Valentines

I'm bursting with all kinds of amazing ideas for Valentine's Day this year, unlike most years when I either don't care or struggle to come up with something last minute. 

So I'm just giving you six that I love. As we all know, blogs everywhere and Pinterest is now chock-full of all things pink, red and heart shaped, but these are some of the best ideas I've found lately. Definitely worth trying out.

1. Any Valentines Involving Coloring Pages. 
I even found a few amazing Hallmark cards designed specifically to be colored. You could gift those, or somehow paste your own coloring pages onto your own card. 

2. Mini Photo Books. 
You know those tiny photo albums of 4 by 6's they sell? They're super easy to fill up because they're not huge like most photo albums, and they make great gifts for any time of year.

3. Design Improvised has a great tutorial up of some heart shaped wall art made with a huge array of materials. They look really unique and festive. 

4. Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies from Crafty Morning
I've never made them but I won't be able to resist making them for much longer.

5. Breakfast in Bed. 
We did this last year for mom, complete with romantic classical music playing in the background. The heart shaped cinnamon rolls were super easy and awesome.

6. Audry's Anatomical Heart T-shirt. 
This one's the coolest of all, actually. Fashion Add On is a company that now supports my sister as an artist, and makes t-shirts out of her designs. The anatomical heart is super detailed and amazing, and would make a great Valentine's Day gift. Her other deer design is just as cool, if not better.

It's a good thing I have people I love in my life, cause if I didn't, I'd probably be making heart-shaped food and love-themed gifts for myself. And what's the fun in that? 

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  1. Very timely article full of GOOD ideas. Here is a slogan for Audry's heart t-shirt: "It Beats For You"



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