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Friday, January 8, 2016

World Famous Journalist in the Makings

Hello friends! So my online writing portfolio is now officially live. It has almost everything (boring or interesting) I've ever written, and I plan to keep it updated.

As most of you know, I write articles for two local newspapers along with web content for a few other companies. I'll admit, not every story is as light-hearted as my blog articles and some of the topics I've done are extremely drab. But if you have a fascination for ghosts, Tony Dungy (who I interviewed two years ago), Telehealth, or the typical events that take place in hick-town Plant City, Florida, you might find a few treasures.

Just by browsing the headlines, you also might discover a lot more about me, or learn a few things. You'll notice I'm starving a little for likes and shares too, so if you find something interesting, feel free to help me out with that!

Just so you know. Also, it's Friday- eat some candy. 

Have a fantastic weekend!


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