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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

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Influential Writers

I read a quote from an INC article the other day that I really liked. It basically said...

"The question is how to transition from someone who writes to improve his or her life, to someone who writes to improve the lives of others."

One of the most satisfying feelings is that others are reading and enjoying your work, and it's not just done for yourself to make money. 

So today I'm sharing a few writers who have influenced me in a positive way. Blogging has been a fad for awhile, and some blogs can be really inspiring. Whether they give you a good recipe, diy tutorial, book recommendation, hair tutorial or a deeper idea, you should check out some of the links in the categories below, and maybe you'll be positively influenced too.

-The Recipe Rebel
-Lulu the Baker
-Baking A Moment- The Cranberry White Chocolate Cupcakes she recently posted look amazing.
-Measure & Whisk

-Making the World Cuter 
-The Holiday Collective- This is a collaboration of 25 creative bloggers (some listed here) who write only about Christmas. What could be more amazing.
-Bre purposed- She does really neat furniture re-purposing.
-Dream Green DIY

Anything & Everything
-Everyday Reading- She may or may not have been my inspiration for a blog title. And for a lot of other things too.
-She's Intentional - They're linked with the Apostolic clothing company Dainty Jewell's, and though I'm not Apostolic, they do have really cute (modest) clothes. But they're definitely on the expensive end.
-The Merry Thought
-Money Saving Mom- She gets a little carried away with her coupons and deals sometimes but some of her headlines are great, like 11 Habits to Steal from People Who Are Never Late.
-A Girl Named PJ

-One Lovely Life
-Modern Mrs. Darcy

I don't normally like fashion blogs, but these aren't bad.
-Fresh Modesty
-Merrick's Art - The creators of Merrick's Art, Everyday Reading and Measure & Whisk (two blogs I listed earlier) are actually sisters.  

-The Freckled Fox
-Twist Me Pretty

-Edgar - The girl who started this company is one of those millionaires-before-the-age-of-30. And she has, or at least her blog writers have, some talented.
-The Renegade Writer

And there's plenty more.

So now you probably think I don't have a life because it seems like I spend all day reading blogs, but I don't keep up with every post on all of these sites. A few of them I check regularly, but there's this great network called Bloglovin' that allows you to "follow" all your favorite blogs and gives you a feed of all their latest posts. Usually, I just go on there once a week or so and click on the posts I find interesting. Or, I follow them on my Pinterest.

Who are some of your favorite influential writers? Got anything to add to my list?

photo cred: Landeelu


  1. Check out The Road to Domestication... My sweet friend Kristen does an incredible job with it!

    1. Thanks Kristy! I love the title. I'll have to check it out!



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