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Thursday, December 17, 2015

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Homemade Nativity Scene

Life is getting so busy and exciting with almost a week left till Christmas! Actually, I'm already thinking about how sad it will be when the season is all over. 

But I've had so much to do too. So if I hadn't had an upcoming Homemade Nativity Scene contest, I would have had zero inspiration to make this. But since I had to, I did what I always do when I need ideas fast- scour Pinterest. 

I found this tutorial and basically followed it, and mine turned out pretty good (though it didn't win the contest). 

I used...
-a wooden surface (I found a small wooden recipe-type box that worked)
-a printed nativity picture (just search "nativity scenes" on google images)
-a sanding block
-mod podge
-white acrylic paint
-white out (for lack of a sharpie or paint marker)

Paint the wooden surface white, paying special attention to the edges. After it dries, cut the picture out to the size of the surface (leaving a small margin so some white will show) and glue it on with mod podge, with coats on the underside of the paper and around the edges. When the glue is dry, sand some of the white paint away from the edges and create a rustic, chalky look by peeling away some of the fine edges of the paper. Then, if your picture permits, write a Christmas phrase or quote on it with a matching sharpie or paint marker. (You know me- always incorporating quotes into every possible part of my life.)

I love the picture I chose cause it's so genuine and moving, exactly how I would picture the nativity scene. Mary and Joseph's look of awe at the situation and the beam of light streaming down on baby Jesus makes it so real-looking.

And I like the caption I chose too. It's a phrase from the third verse of Silent Night, and I thought it fit the picture well with the central light shining down. Such a pure love is between all of the people in the scene- Mary and Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus, Joseph and baby Jesus, and of course baby Jesus to both of them, and that's evident on all of their faces.

That scene is so magical and awe-inspiring to me every Christmas, and it really happened! Though it was long ago, the story is still very much alive to this day.

This would be a great family project to do while the family is sitting around the fire or Christmas tree. You can turn it into an ornament too, or just use it to set around.

Either way, hope everyone's having an awesome holiday season so far! Drink lots of eggnog and eat lots of cookies!


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