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Friday, December 4, 2015

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Gift Guide for the Writer

If there happen to be any nerds on your Christmas list this year, which is basically what writers are, then any of the gifts below would be perfectly suited. In other words, please buy me all of them. Also, please wrap it in newspaper or other writing materials

 like this.

1. Newspaper Pattern Urban Lightweight Backpack ($19.50): This is great for a student or someone who travels... or someone who would just look for an excuse to use this bag, like I would.

2. Vintage Letter Sheet Writing Stationery Set ($20.49 for a set of 20): This letter-writing paper has such a simple but classy and vintage design.

3. Typewriter Patent Art Print Poster ($9.95): This is probably my favorite item on the list. It would look so great in an office.

4. Scrabble Tiles ($12.89 for 200): If you have a little scrabble stand, it's really fun to make words or phrases and set them up for decoration. Or they just look nice sitting in a little bowl.

5. Typewriter Small Lined Notebook ($9.99): If the people on your list are like me and have a weakness for journals or notebooks of any kind, this would be a great addition to a collection.

6.  Backlit Slim Portable Ultra Light Keyboard ($28.85): It's annoying to have to turn on a light so you can see to work on your computer at night. Which would no longer be an issue if you had this keyboard.

7. Vintage Leather Rollup Pen and Pencil Case ($2.04): This thing is amazing. It folds out to reveal so many nifty pockets. And comes at a really good price, too!

8. Sharpie Fine Point Pens ($13.88 for a set of 12): These write so smoothly and have a great touch. I always make sure I have a few on hand and would not complain at all if I got a 12 pack for Christmas.

What's on your Christmas list this year? Anything as incredibly cool as this stuff? I bet not.

(Photo cred: Remodelista)

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