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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

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An Unusually Merry Christmas

If you would like to know what exactly makes up the perfect Christmas, you should just refer to mine. Here are some components that made up my holiday, among many others!

First, you need little girls in bright red tulle dresses.

And shadow nativities. And the craziness of practicing for Christmas plays.

You also need themed parties. And the only thing better than ugly sweater ones is 1940's themed ones. Throw in a homemade nativity contest too.

Plus, really good Nutella Braided Snowflake Bread for Christmas morning. With a side of cheesy scrambled eggs and Honey Baked Ham of course.

You need grandparents and uncles and friends and boyfriends and sisters and dads and moms. Selfies packed with happy faces. 

You need a piano, with Christmas music all around. Shopping. Train sets. Miracles.

An authentic Black Forest Cake made my a prize chef (aka your grandmother).

A beautifully set table with fancy dishes, goblets and a bountiful feast to eat on it. More goodies than you could ever consume in weeks.

Poinsettias, candles, twinkle lights and romance. ;)

And of course, you need Jesus at the center of it all. Actually, if you have this, you don't need any of the above to have a happy Christmas. (Guess I just wrote this whole post for nothing.)

But since we had all that, it totally made up for it being 88 degrees. We'll take it. 

I feel so blessed!

Do you have any more awesome ingredients to add to my recipe for a perfect Christmas?

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