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Monday, November 16, 2015

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How to Properly Decorate a Thanksgiving Cake

I'm stuck on how-to's lately. Probably because I get craftier around this time of year.  Most people do, though.

So this is the pumpkin cake I made last year for Thanksgiving.

This is the one I made this year. This time, I couldn't wait till Thanksgiving to make it cause it's too much fun, so I made it for the church picnic last Sunday.

I used this recipe from Diethood (I just now realized it's a diet recipe, which shows that it doesn't taste like a diet recipe at all), and this pin from Pinterest to make the cake.

Then I put together the center decorations. All you need is...

-some dried or fake flowers and/or leaves
-an empty toilet paper roll
-an optional pine cone

Cut the toilet paper roll in half to fit the size of the cake, small enough so it doesn't show. Arrange the foliage in and around the middle inside of the roll. Place the pine cone triumphantly on top.

Oh, and it's another creative way to make use of (at least part of) a flower bouquet. Plus, it would look great on a table with some cute place settings.


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