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Friday, November 13, 2015

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How to Make the Most of a Flower Bouquet

"In all places, then, and in all seasons, flowers expand their light and soul like wings; teaching us by most persuasive reasons, how akin they are to human beings."
Here's what I do when I get a bouquet of flowers, step by step.

First, I get really excited. I ooh and ahh over them, put them in a vase if they're not already in one, make sure they're full to the brim watered, and place them in a very prominent spot.

Then, for the next few weeks that they still look fresh, I am daily amazed at their beauty every time I walk by. I touch the pretty petals and smell them and hope that they'll never die. 

But then, they start to. And they start to smell too. So I start really using them. (Being the practical person I am, I like to make the most out of every single thing, even something that's only meant for looks. Especially if that thing is from someone special.) I pull some of the really dead and ugly ones out and (tearfully) throw them away. 

If any of the roses petals have fallen off, I put them all in a pile. If the petals are still moist, I put them in the microwave on a paper plate in 30 minute intervals until they're all crunchy and discolored.  It's possibly the saddest thing I've ever done in my life. It's like sucking the life out of something that was once so vibrant and beautiful, but sadly it must be done, and it's still better than trashing them. When the petals are completely dry, I put them in a mason jar, (if they're still wet when you seal them in, it can get nasty and moldy) label it, and keep it forever. Jeff says one day I'm going to have a room full of jars full of petals from bouquets he's given me. Right now, while he's still poor, I only have two jars and one in the makings. It's rough to be poor and in love.

For the flowers that are still pretty intact, I either leave them in the vase for a few more days, or snip the stems a little and smash them under a particular giant book so they can dry whole. Then I usually completely forget about them until I'm digging in the bookcase months later and remember.

Once these are dried, I use them as bookmarks or in scrapbooks.

Sometimes the roses dry whole and naturally though, without the petals dropping off and without having to be flattened. They just shrink and fade a little. I cut the stems off of these and either use them to set around or to tie to letters or notes with twine for a little romanticism. They would probably also make great Christmas-present-wrapping materials.

And then there's other things I do with them, like put them in my hair, use them in diy projects like this one, and so forth.

Here's a list of diy projects that can be done with (or used with) flowers, fresh or dried...

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-Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas- The Holiday Collective
-Free Printable Thanksgiving Labels- Confetti Sunshine

So now that you know how I use them, feel free to send me a bouquet anytime. What do you do when you get a bouquet of flowers?


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