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Saturday, October 3, 2015

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What Saturdays Are For

Who doesn’t love Saturdays? It’s the day we look forward to all week long.

Since I don’t work weekends anymore, I’ve fallen more and more in love with this day. There are so many possibilities when you have a whole day to spend however you want! I usually spend my Saturdays with mom. And honestly, we usually start discussing our Saturday plans as early as Wednesday, if not weeks ahead of time. Today is definitely a busy one (which is why that post-scheduling option on Blogger comes in pretty handy. Saturdays are not for posting on your blog.)

Below are a few ways we like to spend our Saturdays. You might find them useful too.

1.    Saturdays are for cinnamon rolls with bacon rolled into them.  Or, any other delightful late breakfast that takes a little more preparation than a granola bar as you rush out the door on a week day. But mostly, cinnamon rolls with bacon rolled into them.

2.    Saturdays are for exercise. Cause who has time for that during the week? But if I were you, I’d just do all the other things on this list first and then see if there’s time for exercise. (You’ll probably end up skipping it.)

3.    Saturdays are for shopping. Not just mall and department store shopping, but, especially this time of year, yard sales are everywhere. You would have to get up a little earlier to get the deals, so you can decide for yourself if it’s worth it. I recently bought a whole unused, good- quality serving set at one for $8, so it very well might be. (Hint: hit all the rich-looking houses.)

4.    Saturdays are for yard work. Unless you have a personal landscaper like us, then you can skip this altogether.

5.    Saturdays are for reading. I have so many books I want to read right now, but sometimes there’s no time to read them during the week. But I never feel guilty if I spend my entire Saturday with my nose in a book (though I may feel nerdy and introverted).
6. Saturdays are for cleaning out your closet. This is what happens when Audry tries her hand at it.

    7.      Saturdays (especially ones in October) are for decorating your house for fall.

    8.     Saturdays are for learning that new song on the piano you’ve been wanting to tackle for awhile.

    9.     Saturdays are for sight-seeing. Go to the aquarium, the beach, on a canoe trip, hiking… adventure is out there!

   10.   Basically, Saturdays are just for having fun! Try not to do anything too productive. That mountain of laundry can wait. This is your day to relax. And I've found that if you always make time to rest, you can be more productive on days when you're supposed to be productive (like Monday).

I love this graphic from my Life is Sweet calendar. It's so random- what lion rides a bike with a mouse in his basket and a bird on his shoulder? Guess it's showing how daring the bird and the mouse are.

"The loving are the daring."
-Bayard Taylor

Hope you have a good free day! How do you like to spend Saturdays? Comment and let me know!

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  1. Sweet!!! Excellent advice on how to chill. We all need to do that at times. Gotta try those cinnamon rolls with bacon :-D TB



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