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Thursday, October 29, 2015

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Part II In a Horrifying Trilogy

It’s almost Halloween. And although we don’t celebrate this holiday, I found something in the archives of my portfolio that would really go with the theme. Two years ago, I wrote the first in the series.  I wrote this story (part two) on August 4, 2015. They’re slightly exaggerated and dramatized versions of totally true stories. I’ll be posting part three tomorrow, so be sure to check back!

Part II

Several years ago, a giant cockroach visited our house and you may remember the terrifying happenings surrounding that visit.

Well last night, something even worse slipped in.

It was a typical Monday night in the Barrios household. Us girls had just gotten home from a little trip to Target. Mom was at work. Alicia opened the back door when we got home, to let the cat out. But, to our horror, something even worse than a cat creeped in.

I was in the process of making myself dinner, when I heard some familiar shrieks coming from the dining room. Suddenly I had a flashback to that incident with the roach. Then I realized it was another Monday night, just like that other fateful one.

“It’s soo big…”

“It’s moving its legs!”

I looked over and saw my sisters wide-eyed and staring at a particular spot under the table. I walked over and saw the biggest spider I ever saw, obliviously enjoying our stray crumbs.

“It must have come in when we opened the door!”

For awhile, we were all in shock. We didn’t know what to do. We couldn’t kill it and we certainly couldn’t leave it there. Finally, Alicia bravely ventured…

“Get the Raid!”

Thankfully, we found two cans of Raid under the sink for just an occasion as this. Alicia frantically handed one to Audry and grabbed the other. (You may remember that Alicia was the coward in the episode of the roach. She’s grown up and gotten much more courageous since. Audry’s bravery, on the other hand, apparently shrank.) I casually continued on in the kitchen. Usually, I try to stay away from all the crazy drama caused by my younger sisters.

“Just sit down at the table and relax,” I said jokingly. They wouldn’t dream of it.

Now for the mustering up of courage to attack the crawling creature… Alicia was ready from the start and tried her best to coax Audry to spray with her. But all persuasion failed.

“Andria, you help me spray it!”

“Do it yourself!” I said, not wishing to get involved, or attacked. But this was no job to be done alone. The spider needed to be targeted from at least two directions.

Finally, I walked over and took Audry’s Raid from her trembling arms. We prepared for the countdown. Audry got out the video camera.

“We have to keep spraying it if it moves,” I directed.

“Duh,” Alicia shot back, already in her aggressive spider-killing mode.

We were pretty sure that, being a spider, it wouldn’t fly straight towards us as the roach had done. But we prepared ourselves for anything.

With fierce battle cries, we sprayed it, but it scurried out of the way and, you guessed it… disappeared.

“Is it under the hutch?”

“Did it crawl on one of the chairs?”

We did a careful search of the area, tiptoeing as if the floor was covered with hot coals. But it was nowhere to be found. Once again, we had lost a gruesome creature and left it to roam free inside the house.

You would think that this time there would have been a more victorious result, but you would be wrong. Our case of the creeps from the hidden cockroach revived inside of us, and we all resolved never to eat at the table until it was found. Imagine if it was sitting right there on the chair when we pulled it out! Imagine if it crawled up our legs while we were peacefully eating our cereal. So, we may be eating in the living room for the rest of our lives.

We’ve also resolved to sharpen our bug killing skills for the future. It may be a skill that will save our lives one day.

So, if you ever come to visit, make sure you keep two eyes open- one for the cockroach (which very well may still be alive), and one for the mammoth spider.



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