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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

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Part I In a Horrifying Trilogy

It’s almost Halloween. And although we don’t celebrate this holiday, I found something in the archives of my portfolio that would really go with the theme. I wrote this story on October 15, 2013, more than two years ago. This year, a similar incident happened, so I wrote a sequel. Last week, another similar incident happened, so I wrote the last in the 3-part series. They’re slightly exaggerated and dramatized versions of totally true stories. I’ll be posting one every day leading up to Halloween, so be sure to keep checking back!

Part I

Once upon a time, it was a traditional Monday night in the Barrios household. Alicia and Audry were hard at work doing school, while I cleaned the bathroom. Mom was at work.

Then, suddenly, I heard a curious shout. After hearing several shrieks of "it's huge!" and "it's alive!" I stepped outside the bathroom and witnessed my sisters, huddled together, and staring with horror at a particular spot on the wall. I looked, and there I saw one of the most gigantic cockroaches ever, crawling up the wall and moving its little antennae.

Audry: I'll go get the Raid! Andria, you're the oldest, you can kill it!

Me (Andria): Not a chance!

Audry got the Raid.

Me: I'll back you up with the bleach (I was using to clean the bathroom), and you spray it!

Audry slowly and bravely raised her hand with the spray bottle, as I stood behind, trigger finger on the bleach bottle. (Wimpy Alicia just looked on in terror.)

When Audry finally mustered up the courage to spray it, it scurried across the wall. Then, it started to.... fly straight towards us!!!

We all immediately screeched and ran in opposite directions, Audry into my room, Alicia into her room, and me into the bathroom, and slammed the doors.

"What do we do?!"

"We can't stay in here all night!"

"It could crawl under the doors and attack!"

After a few minutes, we were partially calmed down and, through shouting to each other in the opposite rooms, we decided we needed to devise a plan of action.

So, we contrived a plan which consisted of brave Audry (armed with Raid), and me (armed with bleach) swinging open our doors and locating the beast, and killing it. Once again, Alicia would just bite her nails and sit in the corner.

After a countdown, and several "what if it flies at me?!" 's and "I can't do this!" 's, we finally swung open our doors and ventured into the great unknown, as if we were a team of World War II soldiers about to attack a whole Japanese camp.

Audry was the first to locate it, with her keen eyes. "It's on the bulletin board!"

But, before any of us were brave enough to spray it, it disappeared into a corner, never to be seen again.

Eventually, we all slowly and cautiously got back to our normal activities, but only with visions of mammoth roaches haunting our thoughts.

And that's it. That's the end. There’s no brave rescue by a shining knight. There’s no heroic slaying of the dragon. There’s no valiant, American victory. We all just developed a major case of the creeps, and had nightmares of roaches crawling on us in our sleep. Who knows... it could be anywhere! It could have reproduced. It could be in my hair as I write this, and occasionally peer over at the dark recesses of the dreaded corner.

Thankfully, the bug man (pest-control) is coming today.

Every day is a new adventure around our house. And if you’re ever invited over, keep your eyes open. This guy could still be creeping anywhere.


  1. "This guy could still be creeping anywhere."...Thats a cheerful thought.

  2. I don't think that was a giant cockroach...they don't get gimungous, but it could be a flying palmetto bug living in semi tropical climates such as this. On the other hand, it could be one of those morphed vampire bugs sited recently by persons who listen to late night radio shows. I understand they prey on humans as they sleep and leave dark circles under the eyes. Be sure to check your eyes daily since this creature is still on the loose.



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