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Thursday, October 22, 2015

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Instant Cure for Carpal Tunnel

I don’t have a mouse for my laptop. I always use the tiny square pad attached to it. This has never once bothered me over the 5 years or so that I’ve had my laptop. People, namely my mom, get really annoyed that I don’t have a mouse sometimes. “Doesn’t that annoy you??” she asked me once.

But it never has. Mainly because of the way I think: why on earth would I buy a computer mouse if there’s already a cursor attached to my laptop?? (Apparently I'm in a two-question-mark kind of mood today.) That’s a vast waste of space, time, money, and plain hassle. But I think I actually might need to get one soon.

Because I’ve been on my laptop for hours and hours over the course of my days lately, my wrist and hands have gotten a little tired. I don’t know if that’s because of the lack of a mouse, or because my hands are just in the typing position for too long. 

It’s not painful, but it’s just an annoying dull ache. I feel like my hands need a break cause they’re all stiff and achy and weird-feeling sometimes. This has gotten pretty annoying lately.

A few weeks ago I was having this problem, when I took a break to play the piano. I felt like my hands could use the stretch and exercise, so I chose The Maple Leaf Rag as the song to play. I hadn’t played this song in awhile, so it took me a few times to get it not to sound like a trainwreck. But after a few times, it was actually kinda sounded like the Maple Leaf Rag should, although it was much slower. 

I then realized that my hands were completely cured. 

(The version I linked to above is supposed to be Joplin himself playing it. And it's the most ridiculously fast version of the song I've ever heard. So fast that it stressed me out. If you played it that fast, your hands would definitely be cured. And also dead.)

So writers or office workers out there who type all day and suffer from the extreme annoyances of carpal tunnel daily, my advice to you is to buy a piano, put it in your office, learn to read music, learn to play the piano, and then learn to play the Maple Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin or other challenging pieces with lots of octaves and fast finger movements. Your hands finally feeling non-robotic again will be worth it.  Plus, that song is fun to play and to hear, as an added bonus.

Or, I guess you could just give in and buy a mouse for your laptop. Personally, I'd rather play the piano.

P.S. I took this leaf back with me as a keepsake from when I went up north. Isn't it so cute and happy-looking? I think I have some insight into Scott Joplin's inspiration for his song title. He probably lived in Florida and never ever saw fall leaves ever until he finally visited the north in the autumn and it made him so happy that he wrote a song about it. It's possible.


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