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Monday, October 5, 2015

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Fall in Florida

Fall in Florida is so funny. In September, despite the fact that it’s still in the 90’s every day, everyone starts wearing scarves and boots. And when the first fall nip comes along (a freezing 70 degrees), we gear even more up, with cardigans and lattes and things. But no matter how many pumpkin desserts we bake or how many blankets we cuddle up in, the palm trees still sway on as happily as ever and the grass is as green and perky as it would be in the middle of June.

I’ve never experienced a real fall (with chilly weather and falling leaves and changing colors) so I have no idea if I’m missing anything, but I think I probably am. So until I can experience what seemingly everyone else in the world does from September to November, I’ll just continue eating my ice cream daily and going to the beach and wearing flip-flops everywhere I go like Floridians are supposed to do.

This is one of my favorite times of year. Especially at the beach. Who said the beach is only a summer place to go? In Florida, the beach is a year round possibility. This is sort of a sequel to my Saturday post. These are the kinds of adventures you get into when you take advantage of your Saturday, like I advised.

Mom and I walked this one particular bridge in Sarasota. It’s near the spot we usually go to the beach at, and every time our family has ever driven over it, we see a bunch of happy people jogging cheerfully along the sidewalk and say “We need to do that!” (Except the jogging part. We’d rather walk.)

It overlooks the gulf on both sides and the view is awesome- with boats dotting the sea and beautiful beachiness everywhere. Saturday could not have been more perfect weather for it either. It was the first day there was a definite nip in the air. And we discovered this adorable fishing pier underneath the bridge that jutted off into the ocean. It was so windy on it that it was difficult to walk, and we kept getting sprayed by water. But that also made it more romantic and exotic.

We also went to a new key, Lido Key, which was pretty exotic too. We love our regular key (Longboat), but it’s fun to do something new now and then. I don’t know- the ocean and the beach just can’t be described away. The pictures might be doing it a little more justice.

 Jeff and I are one of those cliché couples who carve their initials everywhere. Although neither of us have a habit of carrying a knife, so I’m sure we could have it carved in a lot more places than we do. I have a list in my phone of all the places we’ve ever done it, so we can keep going back to them. Unfortunately though, I don’t think this carving will still be there if we go back. 


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