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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

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15 Inspiring Settings for Writers

As I said in the previous post, the weather has been awesome here lately. Unfortunately, I’ve also had a ton of writing work to do too, so I’ve been cooped up inside staring at a screen instead of enjoying the beautiful weather. Although I’m grateful for the work, this is a little sad to me.

So yesterday I got sick of it, and had the brilliant idea to take my laptop outside on the back porch and work there (revolutionary idea of the century). As a result, I could enjoy the weather, let my wet hair dry in the breeze (you'll notice how crazy it is in the picture), work on my tan and accomplish what I needed to do. I think the fresh air also seeped into my brain and inspired me more as I wrote.

The downsides are that for some reason there are a ridiculous amount of ants on our porch. So now I have bites all over my feet and legs. Also, the sound of the air conditioning right behind me was a little disrupting and distracting while I was trying to enjoy the beautiful sounds of nature. The glare of the sun also made it a little difficult to see my computer. But I’d say it was worth it.

There are so many inspiring settings to write, and a lot of times making one small change (like sitting on the back porch instead of inside), can make a huge difference. So here are a few settings guaranteed to inspire.

1.       Near plants. For some reason, it’s so neat to have plants right near your workspace, whether inside or outside. That’s why I love having fresh flowers for my room.

2.       Anywhere, with coffee. The most motivating drink ever.

3.       In the sunshine. If you don’t mind staring at your own reflection in your laptop glare.

4.       At the park.

5.       On your bed. When I’m feeling especially lazy, I just prop up a few pillows and work right in bed. But don’t tell anyone.

6.       Under a giant shade tree.

7.       By a brook.

8.       On a picnic blanket in the middle of a big green field.

9.       With music on. For me, this depends on what I’m writing. If I’m doing mindless work, I can handle music with words in it. But sometimes I can only work with instrumental music. And sometimes music can be too distracting altogether, which leads to…

10.   Where there’s silence.

11.   With a nice view. Window seats work great. I created a makeshift one by putting my hope chest under my window and throwing a quilt over it.

12.   With candles lit.

13.   Near your family. It gets so boring when you’re holed up staring at a screen all day. You need people and socialization, even if you’re just listening to other people socialize in the background.

14.   Wrapped in a blanket.

15.   Just in your own spot. I know, not all of us have access to a singing brook or a giant shade tree or even some peace and quiet. That’s why you make your regular writing space as welcoming and appealing as possible. If it’s just a boring old desk, you’ll dread going to work at it. Hang inspiring signs or pictures of the people you love. Create a space with all the things you love; all the things that keep you motivated.

What places and settings inspire you?

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  1. So yesterday I got sick of it, and had the brilliant idea to take my laptop outside on the back porch and work there (revolutionary idea of the century) revolutionary idea , sister.? jajaja you write amazing sister, The Lord bless this talent



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