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Thursday, September 17, 2015


Rest Your Chin

Sometimes, the day gets long and hard. Sometimes, you get bored or tired, and it’s difficult to do anything, much less hold your chin up. Sometimes, that chin needs a rest, especially if you live at our house.

The girls were supposed to be cleaning one day while I was gone somewhere. I texted Alicia and asked how it was coming, and she sent back a selfie with her chin resting on an Oxi-Clean spray bottle.

Once when I used to work at Bloomingdale Pizza and got bored, I grabbed a pizza box, placed it under my chin, and sent it in a group message between us sisters.

Those are a few examples. Here are about a gazillion more…

I don’t know how long we’ve been doing this, but it’s been years. We thought about making this a fad, to raise money for some noble cause. Something like the Ice Bucket Challenge. But none of us are popular enough to get the word out, neither do we have a disease to fight or a cause to promote (unless you’d like to do a rest your chin selfie and donate money to Audry’s art business or Alicia’s college fund or my hope chest).

And here is the most recent.

Just a pretty odd family tradition, that's all.

P.S. More photos like this in Recent Rest Your Chins.


  1. rest your chin, good idea , let see what i get to rest my chin

  2. This is wonderful! So excited to follow your blog!

  3. I think you should call it, "Keep Your Chin Up" - because that's what it does for you adorable sisters!

  4. Nice photos. This could make a nice set of photo album with this kind of theme and would love to see how it goes.



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